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Hacker News: "New MacStealer macOS Malware Steals iCloud Keychain Data and Passwords"

From the Hacker News:

A new information-stealing malware has set its sights on Apple's macOS operating system to siphon sensitive information from compromised devices.

Dubbed MacStealer, it's the latest example of a threat that uses Telegram as a command-and-control (C2) platform to exfiltrate data. It primarily affects devices running macOS versions Catalina and later running on M1 and M2 CPUs.

"MacStealer has the ability to steal documents, cookies from the victim's browser, and login information," Uptycs researchers Shilpesh Trivedi and Pratik Jeware said in a new report.

First advertised on online hacking forums at the start of the month, it is still a work in progress, with the malware authors planning to add features to capture data from Apple's Safari browser and the Notes app.



Always keep your operating system up-to-date and be careful in downloading software from unknown sources and clicking links from dubious sites and email.