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ICT Bulletin #1

ICT Bulletin #1

Your regular dose of ITech from the IMS!

QMS Library

QMSLibThe QMSLib is a system that centralizes repository of documented information relative to the Quality Management System (QMS) compliance of the UPM. This is developed from the initiative of the OVCPD. ISO Focal Persons and Document and Records Custodians are invited to a tutorial on QMSLib on March 10, 2023 at 9am via Zoom. Get in touch with Ms. Melody Rojo (

What is...

Cloud storage? It is an alternative to storing data on a computer’s physical storage. Information stored “on the cloud” is kept on remote servers that can be accessed anywhere via the Internet. Three known cloud storage providers are Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive, and Dropbox.

Security Tips
  • For official communications that particularly involve confidential data, better use email. Do not use Facebook Messenger. Though, you may use Viber or Signal, which encrypt data that get across the net.
  • Been receiving emails that appear to be spam? Forward the emails to upm-ims- email-service-list@, so we can block the rogue email address from our email domains.