IMS Services

  1. Adobe Applications Deployment – Installation of Adobe applications in offices and computer laboratories. Provisioning privileged accounts (Adobe apps and cloud storage) to faculty and staff. Email
  2. Authentication and Directory Service (ADS) – Provisioning user accounts to faculty, students and staff which are used for accessing the Internet from within UPM network, online libraries via UPM Virtual Private Network, and particular systems such as the UPM VLE and UPM Procurement. Email
  3. Assistance in Using Google Apps – Providing quick hands-on training for faculty and staff to maximize the use of Google Apps (Drive, Email, Calendar, etc.). Sessions are to be arranged between the IMS and offices in need. Email or
  4. Blocking an Abusive Network User/Computer – This prohibits an abusive user/computer from getting connected to the Internet, in compliance with the UP Acceptable Use Policy on IT Resources. This concerns faculty, students and staff using the UPM network. Email
  5. Computer Examination for UPM Job Applicants – Scheduling and handling of computer examinations for UPM job applicants. This is in coordination with the HRDO.
  6. Configuration of Wireless Device – Offices with wireless routers should request the IMS to configure or reconfigure these devices in compliance with the UPM network. Email
  7. Document Assessment and Tracking System (DATS) – A system that aids in assessing and tracking document transactions within UP Manila, with an aim to promote operational efficiency and faster communication concerning these transactions. This concerns UPM administrative staff. Email or
  8. Digitization Project Technical Support – Assistance with concerned offices regarding digitization and archiving of their documents. This concerns administrative staff of concerned offices only. Email or
  9. Financial Management Information System (FMIS) Technical Support – Troubleshooting problems faced by users. This concerns UPM administrative staff. Email
  10. ICT Acquisitions and Condemnation Technical Support – This support comes in the form of technical evaluation of ICT equipment and software purchase requests and bids, computer equipment and software inspection, and inventory of condemned equipment. This concerns administrative staff and faculty and REPS engaged in ICT-related projects. Email or
  11. ICT Training Support – Organizing and handling of training activities concerning ICT. They revolve around Google Apps, computing security, VLE, basic IT troubleshooting, and web-based content management. Other courses may be arranged with interested offices. This concerns mainly administrative staff, but faculty and REPS may also avail. Email or
  12. Student Academic Information System (SAIS) Technical Support – Provisioning user accounts and troubleshooting problems encountered by users. This concerns faculty, students and student records evaluators. Email
  13. Troubleshooting Computer Network and Internet Connection Problems – Troubleshooting problems encountered by users accessing the Internet, ranging between IP settings in the users’ computers and issues in the cabling of computers and wireless routers. Email
  14. Troubleshooting Problems with Computer or Peripheral – Problems include hard disk damage, damaged power supply, lost files, software issues, and difficulty in printing. This concerns faculty and staff so long as their computers are used mainly for UPM purposes. Email or
  15. Unblocking a Website – Users requesting to unblock particular websites must justify their request. They just need to follow what is indicated in the error message they encountered.
  16. Videoconferencing Support - Videoconferencing means holding or participating in a conference where participants are in different locations at the same time. It uses videoconferencing equipment and Internet connection. Offices (which may involve faculty members as well) must request for this service at least a week in advance. Email
  17. Virtual Private Network (VPN) Access – Faculty members and students may access online libraries even when outside UPM premises, so long as they are connected to UPM network via a GlobalProtect VPN client program. Email or
  18. Virtual Learning Environment ( Registration – The system is used to complement teaching activities of UPM faculty members. Email
  19. Web Hosting and Subdomain Name Registration – Academic units and offices wishing to maintain their own websites may request the IMS for hosting and subdomain name registration assistance. Email or
  20. Webmail Accounts ( and – Faculty members, students and staff are eligible to apply for and accounts. They may also request for password reset. Creation and updating of mailing lists also fall under this service. Email or, with attached scanned or photographed UPM ID.