Internet/Intranet Downtime

Pedro Gil Wing - CPH Lara Hall, CPH Annex 1, Paz Mendoza, Alvior Hall, NIH, CAMP, CD, CP, CN and PhiDorm
Tuesday, August 27, 2019 - 12:00 to Friday, September 13, 2019 - 14:00
Fiber cut as a result of tree uprooting along the old UL building

* Around noon on August 27, Monday, the sudden disconnection of most buildings occurred.
* At first, the team thought that it was a result of a power outage.
* We called the AO of the affected buildings and they confirmed that there was no power interruption on their respective colleges/buildings.
* We immediately (12:15 PM) went to the demolition site of the UL building as we suspect a fiber cut since we were able to access our network devices in * CPH Annex 2 and from there we found out the culprit of the problem.
* We witnessed the current uprooting process of the tree and the roots definitely hit the fiber cables laid underground, hence, the disconnection of almost
all buildings in Pedro Gil.
* Technically, we could not provide any temporary solution with the limited resources that we have. The fiber cut location was too far from the affected
* The solution is already in the process which will need the resumption of the fiber optic network upgrade project funded by the UP System. This includes
cable laying, pulling and termination.
* Termination points between CM Calderon and CPH Lara Hall to the NIH are the most priority at it will act as major points in the restoration.
* We will enable another aerial node from the cables of CPH Annex 2 that landed on CM Calderon where we will deploy the new distribution switch.
* CM Calderon will provide a connection to CPH Lara Hall through a fiber link under the upgrade project.
* CPH Lara Hall will provide a connection to CPH Annex 1 through the old link and NIH through the emergency purchased fiber line project. The
emergency purchased fiber was the solution when the NIH building got disconnected due to another fiber cut incident from another construction project
last March of the current year.
* NIH will provide the connection to CD, CP, CN, and PhiDorm as before.
* CAMP and Paz Mendoza will connect to NIH as part of the upgrade project.


* September 11, Wednesday (2 PM) - the connection to CPH Lara Hall was restored.
* September 11, Wednesday (4 PM) - the connection of NIH was restored. NIH also supplies connection to CD, CN, CP, and PhiDorm, hence, connections
to these buildings were also restored.
* September 12, Thursday (11 AM) - the connection to CAMP was restored.
* September 13, Friday (10 AM) - the connections to Paz Mendoza and MDL were restored.
* September 13, Friday (2 PM) - the connection to CPH Annex 1 was restored.
* September 20, Friday (2 PM) - the connection to Alvior was restored.