How Do I Send Email Using a Different Address?

There may be times when you have to communicate with others on behalf of your office or a group, thus, using your office's or group's email address. You have to configure your email account to make this work. But before you do this, make sure that you are part of the office's or group's mailing list. Check with the head of office or the IMS.

With your Gmail application open (via a web browser), you will see an engine-like or gear icon (at the upper right corner of the application. Click on the icon. And then click on “Settings”. (See Illustration 1)

The Settings page is then loaded. Look for the "Accounts" item in the line below the "Settings" menu. Click on it. (See Illustration 2.) The page's contents change.

Look for the link "Add another email address you own". (See Illustration 3.) Click on it.

A new little window will pop up. (See Illustration 4.) Change the name into your office's short name. Also, enter your office's or group's email address.

Deselect “Treat as an alias” if you want mails you send for your office or group to not show up in your inbox.

Then click the "Next Step" button.

Assuming that the system did not find a problem with the email address that you entered, you will be shown a new dialog box regarding SMTP server. Refer to Illustration 5 for the settings.

As a security measure, you will be asked to verify the email address. Click on the "Send Verification" button. (See Illustration 6.)

After that, you will be advised that a confirmation email was sent to your mailbox. Close the window. (See Illustration 7.)

Check your mailbox. An email from the system must have been there. Open it and look for the instruction "click the link below to confirm your request". Follow that instruction. (See Illustration 8.) You will be shown another tab indicating confirmation success.

Next time you'll compose an email message, you'll see the “From” field with a combo box (with a down arrow icon on the right), which allows you to choose which identity, that is, email address, you'd like to use. (See Illustration llustration 9.)