IMS Services

Code Service
ADS-1 Authentication and Directory Service - Creation of User Accounts for UPM and PGH Employees, Consultants and Job-Order Personnel

A user account is mainly for Internet access from within the UP Manila and PGH premises, so long as users are connected to the UP Manila network.

This service is available to employee, job-order personnel, and consultants who have not been included in the initial or previous lists processed for user account creation.

ADS-2 Authentication and Directory Service - Creation of User Account - Student

User account is used mainly for Internet access from within the UP Manila and PGH premises, so long as users are connected to the UP Manila network. This service is for UPM students.

ADS-4 Authentication and Directory Service - Password Reset

This is for users who forgot their passwords.

The IMS will not grant the request for password reset unless the requester has provided all the required data, or when despite our efforts to follow up on these data the requester still fails to do so. In this case, the requester has to call the IMS (526-2265) to arrange a visit in the office. S/he must personally appear with his/her ID (UPM, PGH or student).

CE Computer Examinations For UPM Job Applicants

Administration of computer examinations for UPM job applicants, whose exam permits are granted by the HRDO.

CRS-1 Computerized Registration System (CRS) Services - Creation of Account for UPM Employee

Creation of user account for UPM employees (mainly faculty members and staff involved in academic affairs). The account is used for the site

CRS-2 Computerized Registration System (CRS) Services - Reactivation of Account

Reactivation of user account used for the site

CRS-3 Computerized Registration System (CRS) Services - Generation of Reports/Data Needed

Generation of ad hoc reports or datasets that are based on the CRS database.

CRS-4 Computerized Registration System (CRS) Services - Inquiry

Inquiry about the CRS

CRS-5 Computerized Registration System (CRS) Services - Scheduling/Activation of Pre-Registration,Registration and Post-Registration Activities

Scheduling and activation of the CRS activities such as start of semester, online ESF, online pre-enlistment, batch processing registration, in-progress classes, and online grade submission

ESI ICT Equipment and Software Inspection

Quantity and quality inspection of ICT equipment and software (operating system, software applications and special-purpose softwares). Inspection is done together with the Internal Audit Office.

HC Help Desk for Connectivity Issues and Concerns

Troubleshooting of issues and addressing concerns by users about UPM network connectivity. This is related to web browsing or accessing the UPM network and the Internet.

ICE Inventory of Condemned ICT Equipment

This service covers computer desktops, mobile computers, peripherals and other ICT devices such as multimedia projectors that are beyond repair. The IMS assists concerned offices in making an inventory of such unusable equipment.

LC LAN Cabling

A LAN (local area network) cable is used to connect a computer to a network device or a LAN port found on a wall so that the computer user may be able to connect to the UPM network and the Internet. This service is for indoor purposes only.

PDTS-1 Personnel Data Tracking System (PDTS) Services - Inquiry

Inquiry about the PDTS

PDTS-2 Personnel Data Tracking System (PDTS) Services - Correction of Errors

Errors found by HRDO staff in using the PDTS must be reported to the IMS for immediate correction

PY Payroll Preparation

Preparation of payroll slips, remittance reports, among others, for the consumption of the Accounting Office

RM Computer and Peripherals Repair and Maintenance

This service covers computer desktops and mobile computers and peripherals that are damaged or rendered unusable in varying degrees. The IMS services only equipment whose warranty period has lapsed.

SI Software Installation

This service covers installation of licensed operating systems and standard software applications. While giving priority to open source applications, the IMS may also provide installation support for commercial/proprietary applications so long as these are licensed and purchased separately from computer packages. This service excludes highly-specialized softwares which should be taken care of by their vendors/contractors/suppliers.

TE Technical Evaluation of ICT Equipment and Software Purchase Requests

The IMS attends to the requests by the Property and Supply Office (PSO) for a) technical evaluation of purchase requests and b) evaluation of abstracts of bids to ICT equipment and software purchase requests. It gives its opinions on which bidder offers the best bid.

TP Troubleshooting Problems in the Use of ICT Equipment, Operating Systems, or Related Softwares

Problems subject to troubleshooting include system hangs, inability to use a printer, software bugs, and viruses.

TS ICT Training Support

The IMS supports ICT-related staff capability building efforts of UPM offices. At their requests, the IMS would propose training modules, co-organize and handle the training for their staff. (Note: This service is separate from the proactive/pre-scheduled e-Learning courses organized by the IMS.)

VC Videoconferencing Support

Videoconferencing is holding or participating in a conference where participants are in different locations at the same time. It uses videoconferencing equipment and Internet connection. The IMS keeps Polycom and related equipment used for the this type of events.

WD Configuration of Wireless Device

This service covers wireless routers which users need to connect to the UP Manila network and the Internet.

WEB-1 Web Hosting, Development and Troubleshooting - Web Hosting

The IMS assists academic units and offices who wish to have their own websites under the domain. For official websites, the IMS is providing a content management system which runs on Drupal. For project sites, the IMS sets up disk space and database (optional).

WEB-2 Web Hosting, Development and Troubleshooting - Web Development and Troubleshooting

The IMS assists academic units and offices who wish to develop their websites (under domain) so long as their websites run on Drupal. The IMS also helps them troubleshoot any problem about their sites.

WM-1 UPM Webmail Services - Creation of Webmail Account

Webmail accounts are used for official email communication purposes. Any UPM student and employee required to use email as part of his/her work is entitled to a webmail account. However, the IMS will not create accounts for them unless they request.

WM-2 UPM Webmail Services - Webmail Account Password Reset

This is for owners of UP Manila ( or UP ( email address who forgot their passwords.

Service requesters have the following options:

  1. Call the IMS (applicable to employees known to the IMS staff)
  2. Call the IMS and arrange a visit for direct assistance (applicable to students and employees who do not have Internet connection)
  3. Fill out an online form, including uploading a scanned copy of UP Manila ID.
  4. Email the, with subject: Request for UP/UPM Email Password Reset, and attached scanned copy of UP Manila ID. Note that the email must indicate the email address for which the user wishes to reset their password.
WM-3 UPM Webmail Services - Creation or Update of Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are used for mass or group communications. A mailing list is used as an official email address of an office or unit. For example, while serves as the official email address of IMS, it is actually a mailing list, meaning many email addresses are subscribed to or members of it. When one sends an email to, the email message is received by each member of the list.