Guidelines on Guest Accounts - Authentication and Directory Service (ADS)

[Updated: 19 February 2014, 15:00]

Each office may have visitors who wish to access the Internet while inside the office or within its vicinity. Or there may be employees, consultants, students, or alumni who happen to be not yet provided with their own Internet access accounts.

To accommodate their need for Internet access, they may be allowed to log in using the guest account. The username takes the form of <officename>guest.

The officer-in-charge or his/her alternate shall be the one in the know of the password. The first time the guest account details are sent to him/her by the IMS, s/he shall change the password immediately.

Guest users MUST NOT do the login themselves. It is the attending officer who should do the login, never revealing the password to anyone.

The attending officer is required to keep a log of guest users. The log should have the following fields:

  1. Fullname of guest user
  2. Student number if alumnus/alumna
  3. Employee number if employee/faculty, or ID number if job-order
  4. Unit/office/department of employee
  5. Email address
  6. Contact number
  7. Remarks
  8. Signature of user
  9. Officer attending to the request (the one who logged the guest account for the user)
  10. Date and time of the login.
  11. Signature of officer attending to the request.

The guest user must notify the officer-in-charge once s/he is finished with Internet access.

The IMS needs the logs for purposes like improvement of the service and possible future investigations of illegal download, hacking, etc.. If you can share the logs with us via Google Drive, the better for the IMS.

If your office does not have a guest Internet access account yet, please email or call 526-2265. Look for Dong.