MDL Connection down (located at Paz Mendoza Building)

Laboratories and office unit particularly COME and other neighbor offices
Thursday, August 23, 2012 - 12:00 to Wednesday, August 29, 2012 - 12:00
Fiber Optic Connection problem

Downtime on MDL was lifted this August 29, 2012 around 12 PM.

Last week (Friday), Dong, Jorge and I checked the FO connection of MDL passing through the CPH Main building FO box. We found out that the box was infested by cockroaches. Upon testing using the Visual Fault Locator, we traced that the uplink of MDL (Fiber Optic) from the CM-Annex 2 FO panel box to CPH Main FO cabinet was damaged by insects resulting to disconnection. Fortunately we have a lot of spare nodes and we used the two of them. Upon checking our main router (Kampilan) the connection of MDL was up and our Cacti and MRTG monitoring shown upload traffic. We assumed that the connection was okay.

This week Tuesday afternoon, I got a call from Jorge, our IT contact person from CM, that MDL still has no internet connection. I checked the MDL graph and I found out that there's no inbound traffic. Wednesday, with the help of Jorge and Junjun, we checked the internal fiber optic connection of MDL. All nodes were okay as tested with VFL. Internet connection was okay from CM-Annex 2 Fiber Optic box as we tested it with media converter and a laptop. I decided to use the extra FO nodes of MDL and the connection has been 100% re-established.