Illegal sharing of copyrighted materials thru UP Manila network

Please be informed that the IMS is monitoring usage of the information technology resources of UP Manila network. This includes identifying users of the UPM network responsible for unauthorized activities such as the downloading and sharing of protected materials. These acts are contrary to the Acceptable Use Policy for Information Technology Resources of the UP System (http://.

Last month, the IMS blocked several attempts by users of unauthorized sharing of protected materials using torrent and other peer-to-peer softwares through the UP Manila network. Three (3) users (two from the College of Arts and Sciences and one from the College of Nursing) were identified through the MAC addresses of computers used by the violators. They are currently denied access to the UP Manila network in the meantime. Repeated infractions by these users may compel the IMS to elevate this issue to the UP Manila Chancellor for possible administrative sanctions.

The IMS has a zero tolerance policy regarding piracy and other unauthorized activities using the UP Manila network.

Thank you.

Romeo L. Villarta, Jr., MD, MPH
UP Manila IMS
Information Technology Center
Padre Faura, Manila