Update on UP Manila Internet Bandwidth and eUP Project

The UP Manila IMS is pleased to inform the UP Manila community that Preginet (DOST-ASTI),  through the eUP project, has increased its Internet bandwidth allocation for UP Manila from 16 Mbps to 50 Mbps.  In addition to the 30 Mbps bandwidth provided by PLDT, it is expected that the present UPM Internet connection (80 Mbps) will result in a significant improvement in the online experience of the users.

The eUP information systems (SAIS, FMIS, and HRIS) are expected to go live this year, with SAIS to be implemented by April 2014.  
The UP Manila Learning Commons, a project of UP Manila Library and Dr. Charlotte M. Chiong, Vice-Chancellor for Planning and Development, will be inaugurated this month by Chancellor Agulto.  This project was made possible with the allocation of 40 iMac desktop computers provided by eUP.  The UPM Learning Commons will provide students and faculty of UPM another venue to conduct their activities.
In response to queries regarding access to Facebook and other social media applications, the policy of UPM is as follows:
  1. For PGH, these applications are blocked by the network firewall 24/7.
  2. For most offices of UPM, these applications are blocked from 8 AM -11 AM and from 1 PM - 4 PM, from Monday to Friday.
UP Manila users are encouraged to make use of YouTube since Preginet has allowed access to its cached video files which may be useful for academic activities.
The VPN (virtual private network) Service provided by IMS is now fully functional. The VPN Service allows users to access UPM library resources outside the UPM Network.  For further information on how to use this service, please contact the UPM Manila Main Library.

Thank you.

Romeo L. Villarta Jr., MD MPH
Information Management Service
UP Manila