Update on the policy of Internet access login using the UP Manila network

To all students, faculty, employees and staff of UP Manila,

Since the last quarter of 2013, the UPM-IMS, upon the instructions of Chancellor Agulto, started implementing the User Login for internet access using UPM network.  The User Login uses Authentication and Directory Service (ADS)  and is already functional in some Colleges and Offices of UP Manila.

For the College of Dentistry, College of Medicine and College of Arts and Sciences and the Philippine General Hospital, it is expected that the ADS implementation will be completed by the end of March 2014.

As of today, the IMS has already created Internet access accounts for 5,489 students and 472 employees.

With the Authentication and Directory Service (ADS), users of computers within UPM accessing the internet through the UPM Network will be required to login using unique usernames and passwords.  Students will use their CRS login details.

The User Login username and password will also be used in  other UPM Network services like VPN for accessing resources and material from the UP Manila library. 

The ADS System will only allow authorised users from UPM to access the internet using the UPM Network.  The expected outcome will be a more efficient use of the internet bandwidth.  In addition, monitoring of illegal and improper use of the internet resources will be implemented.  Users who use the UPM Network for illegal activities such as unauthorised downloading and sharing of copyrighted material and pornography will be identified. The ADS will help ensure compliance with the provisions of the Acceptable Use Policy for Information technology (IT) Resources of the University of the Philippines System (http://www.upm.edu.ph/aup/).  

The ADS roll-out has not been without glitches, though. 

To address the problem of very short idle time-out for web browser sessions, please change the home page of your web browser to http://u.pm/adsThis will ensure that you stay connected to the Internet, particularly during your online work processes. For those who do not know how to do this, visit http://ims.upm.edu.ph/tips/staying-connected.

For guests and visitors of UPM Offices and Colleges, guest accounts will be created.  The guest accounts will also be particularly useful for employees, alumni, consultants, and OJT, whose applications for Internet access accounts are still in process. Guidelines on guest accounts are found on http://ims.upm.edu.ph/policies/adsguestaccounts.

For your other concerns, please email UPM IMS  at ims@upm.edu.ph or call 526-2265.

Thank you.

Romeo L. Villarta Jr., MD MPH
Information Management Service
UP Manila