How do I set a row of spreadsheet data to be repeated on every printed page?

You've worked on a LibreOffice spreadsheet with data that takes more than a printed page. You want to show a table's row (usually the heading or first row) to show up on every page. What to do?

  1. Make sure that the sheet you want to work on is active. (Click anywhere in the sheet.)
  2. From the menu, choose Format-->Print Ranges-->Edit.... (See related image.)
  3. With the "Edit Print Ranges" dialog box open (see related image), define the following:
    • "Print range": Click the field below the "Print range" text and select "-entire sheet-".
    • "Rows to repeat": Click the field below the "Rows to repeat" text and select "-user defined-". Then locate the row you want to be shown or printed on every page. Assuming that the row is on the first row, type this value (without the quotes) in the next field: "$1". (See related image.)
  4. Then click on the "OK" button.
  5. Test the print range, by doing a page preview. Choose from the menu File-->Page Preview. With the preview active, press the Page-Down key and see whether the row you want repeated appears.